A charity providing holistic support to young people & their families

Our Interim proposals in response to the Coronavirus emergency

All Saints Youth Project statement on maintaining provision during this difficult period


Author: Kiu Wai Lam

Technology support

Tech Know | Every Monday 16:30 - 18:00



Virtual Group Sessions

Join us for our Virtual Drop In Sessions every Tues, Weds, Thurs 2 - 5pm.


Author: Kiu Wai Lam

My first holiday scheme

Read John's impressions of his first holiday scheme here at club


Author: Kiu Wai Lam

Teen Triple P

Promoting Positive Parenting course


Author: Kiu Wai Lam

Weekends, Adventures & Re-living something for the first time.

Ideal Weekends, Adventures you would like to have & Reliving things for the first time!


Author: Aleah W

Campaign Against Knife Crime

Knife crime affects us all. Lets do something about it.


Author: Kiu Wai Lam

Target amount: £1,000.00

Amount raised: £100.00


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