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This Is Me - A Theatrical Performance Coming This April

INCLUSION PLUS are a group of young adults who meet weekly at All Saints Youth Project to enjoy both learning and social activities. They have recently been involved in performances with both Birmingham Ballet company and Circus Mash. They then decided they wanted to do their own performance.

"THIS IS ME" is a story of magic, of overcoming difficult situations, and striving to achieve a fulfilling and stimulating lifestyle.

The play has been largely produced by the members themselves, and they have been rehearsing weekly, and attending workshops to explore issues of bullying and victimisation - a very real issue these days.

"THIS IS ME" showcases the skills our members have acquired, and their confidence to perform in front of an audience. Their passion and determination shine through.

Please come and watch this incredible performance.


Friday 26th April at 7.30, or Saturday 27th April at 2.30.


are on sale at the parish office and the community cafe, both based on the All Saints site.

All profits will go to funding extra activities for the club.

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