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Support, online and face-to-face for Young People who need it.


Our Counselling and one-to-one support is somewhere you can talk freely, and confidentially. and is something you can do to help sort out issues that are bothering you.It's important to be able to talk to someone who will listen without telling you what to do and who can help you think of new ways to deal with your problems and find solutions.


Everybody needs support sometimes and we can need help to deal with all kinds of issues in our life.  These issues can be;

  • Relationships with friends, family, parents, partners.

  • Feeling down or upset.

  • Things that have happened in the past that are hard to cope with.

  • Self-esteem.

  • Health & sexual worries.

  • Anger

  • Anxiety

  • Loss

  • And many more…


What to expect from counselling with All Saints;

  • You will be seen by a trained counsellor

  • Your session will be confidential as long as you are not at risk to yourself or others.

  • You will be given the opportunity to talk your problems through without judgement.

  • The counsellor will use counselling methods to suite your individual need.

  • The counsellor will be there to listen to you but not to tell you what to do.


If you need to refer a Young Person, please fill in the Referral Form here.

All Saints also promotes and supports various services available in person and online. Please have a look at the following providers detailed in the chart below.

Girl in Therapy
Counselling referral
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