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Walking 20M Steps for All Saints

For their own well-being, a team of JBA KS3 staff have decided to create a challenge in order to get themselves moving.

"We all know that walking has a huge impact on our mental health, as well as our physical health. Initially we thought that 1 million steps each would be a sizable challenge to get us more active. 19 members of staff wanted to be involved creating a target of 19 million we rounded it up and have committed to walking 20 MILLION STEPS as a team.

The team consists of: Rach S, Clare, Julia, Rach A, Holly, Ralph, Penny, Justine, Saff, Fehmida, Rach B, Ayanna, Chloe, George, Hoa, Marcus, Mano, Helder and Maria.

We are 4 weeks into the challenge and we are beginning to feel the benefits of doing the challenge and, as such, have decided to ask friends/family/colleagues (you) to support our efforts by donating money. This will mean that our impact will then be felt by others too.

After a vote, we decided to raise money to benefit All Saints Community Project, and any donation you make will help make an impact."

For over 20 years, All Saints Youth Project has stood in Birmingham to support young people and their families through a variety of ever-growing holistic programs and activities. Priding ourselves on being young person-led to stay relevant to young people, All Saints is a charity offering after school sessions, inclusive evening youth sessions, family support, youth counselling, specialist training and creative responses to community issues. All Saints Youth Project is more than just a youth club.

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