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Developing post-Covid with Inclusion +

Over the last few weeks, the Inclusion + group at All Saints Youth Project have taken on life skills challenges to help aid their personal development post Covid-19.

These challenges have been a mixture of things that can be undertaken at home or in the group setting on site, and have begun by focusing on healthy eating and drinking.

The group have been set the tasks of:

  • Helping to plan a healthy breakfast (this included the drinks too, so if they wanted to have a hot drink- like a cup of tea- they would have to be aware of how much sugar or milk they include, or finding the healthier option to replace it)

  • Taking photos of any meals they have helped prep or cook (as a group we went through each person’s pictures and they were able to share the process they went through)

  • Bringing in 2 unhealthy and 2 healthy food wrappers or containers. This task is designed to help them understand what makes food unhealthy and what is classed as healthy and what to look for on various packaging.)

The reason on why we have set challenges is so they can have a better understanding of what goes into their bodies, helping them differentiate between healthy and unhealthy snacks and food to enable them to have a balanced diet, and to make it easier for them to prep and plan their own meals and diet.

This is just the first step, and this ever...are rising to the challenge to keep developing post Covid!

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