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Consequences 3...COMING SOON.

Two years ago, our amazing Young People began their series of short films looking at potential consequences to things relevant in their lives.

Consequences 1 looked at Cyber-Bullying and Consequences 2 looked at the dangers of carrying a Knife.

Now, the latest instalment in the series will be looking at the consequences of the recent Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown.

With young people missing out on so much over the last 12 months and having to come to terms with a "new normal", this film is relevant, needed and a creative way for them to explore their thoughts and feelings around the subject.

A group of our young people have already written their scripts and formulated their ideas, now they're in pre-production getting ready to plan the filming of CONSEQUENCES 3.

You can watch CONSEQUENCES 1 HERE.

You can watch CONSEQUENCES 2 HERE.

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