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All Saints Youth Project Covid-19 Response

During the Covid-19 emergency and from the beginning of the first lockdown circa March 2019, we have continued to support young people and their families under the banner of #homenotalone.

On-line meetings and activities,

telephone calls and texts,

delivery of activity and well-being packs,

referrals to foodbanks and other resources,

zoom meetings,

1-1 meetings outside,

telephone counselling sessions

and visiting at home on door steps have allowed us to keep in regular touch with over 150 of our young people, young adults and their families.

During August we ran a successful three-week holiday scheme, outside and with social distancing for 30 young people and 20 young adults.

The implications of Covid-19 will be with us for some time to come.

Whilst we cannot recommence all our activities as they were before, we are committed to delivering services which are familiar to our young people and their families and ensuring they are supported to navigate the future with reduced fear and anxiety. As the scenario changes, we are adhering to new rules, ensuring we complete proper risk assessments and taking the lead from the guidance issued by the National Youth Agency and any local rules issued by Birmingham City Council

From January 2021, in line with official guidelines, we have recommenced the following activities on site: Counselling of young people and their parents; Gateway to Inclusion; Inclusion+; Parent/carer support and Youth workers on the village square. We are also continuing some on-line activity for those who prefer it. For up-to-date details of our current activities.

Our principal Covid-19 secure actions for our premises include: check temperature when everyone arrives, ensure that we have contact tracing information, provide anti-virus gel, maintain social distancing and regular cleaning of all areas

We recognise our responsibility to safeguard the wellbeing of our excellent team of staff and volunteers who have risen to the challenge through innovation and flexibility to ensure that support of vulnerable young people and their families has continued since the beginning of lock-down in March.

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