During the School Holiday's, All Saints Youth Project runs engaging and fun schemes at their centre.  Activities, projects, group work, day trips and even residentials all form part of the Holiday Scheme schedule.  


February Half Term (1 week)

May Half Term (1 week)

Easter Residential (dependent on funding)

Summer Holidays (3 weeks)

October Half Term (1 week)


School is more than just a place where Young People go to be taught Mathematics, Science and English.  It is their community, their society, a place where they make friends, develop their social skills and a place where they grow into young adults.

So when school closes for the half term holidays, it is vital that Young People still have the opportunity to keep their social networks going...and develop new ones too.  All Saints Youth Project offers that opportunity and more!

With planned- yet flexible sessions, activities, day trips and residentials, our Holiday Schemes bring Young People together, help keep their social and physical development and well-being moving forward and allow hard working parents and carers a well earned break, all with the peace of mind that knowing the Young People are safe and cared for in a professional and vibrant environment brings.

"Summer Holiday Schemes at All Saints are probably my favourite part of the Summer Holidays.  I get to see all my friends for the whole day, inside and out and I'm never bored.  It just goes too fast!"

PLEASE NOTE: Our holiday schemes are EXTREMELY POPULAR and therefore there is a waiting list for them.  For more information about a particular half-term scheme, please email: [email protected]