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Alex, All Saints & Brumside Radio

Brumside Radio is, and always will be, a platform for the community - made by the community.

On Sunday 25th April the Rock Show, hosted by Jag Dehele and Dan Hadley were joined by special guest Alex Hunt.

Alex has spent many years with us here at All Saints and has become a keen listener and loyal supporter of many shows on Brumside Radio. So they thought it fitting for him to come in as a guest and play a few songs on his guitar for his Birthday!

Alex spoke about his influences and about how his music life started and chatted to us about his relationship with All Saints Youth Project.

Needless to say Alex loved been on the show and got to see behind the scenes of how a Radio Broadcast is put together.

The Rock Show team said; "We were amazed at all the love and support sent in to us from family, friends and regular listeners who were all so proud of Alex! We at the Rock Show were so privileged to play host to such an inspiration and we thank Alex for coming in to see us.... You smashed them songs, well done mate!!"

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