Village Square Activities


Provision on the village square is intended to give young people within the local community a sense of belonging. It is an opportunity for them to take ownership of the space in a positive manner, and remain in a safe and friendly environment.  It is also a great way for them to make first contact with the Youth Project and all of its services.


Chelsea, our Outreach Village Square Worker is on the square every day from 3 until 5pm. 


The Village Square is a great opportunity for Young People to engage with our staff team and make first contact with the Youth Project, introducing them to the variety of services that All Saints has to offer.  Very often, Young People who first engage on the Village Square go on to attend the Youth Sessions and Holiday Schemes.

But the Village Square is more than just a Gateway to the Youth Project.  It is an important, varied and engaging part of supporting the Young People. There are fun and purposeful activities provided in which young people can choose to take part, as well as more thought provoking and themed activities/projects, where young people can have the opportunity to learn in a more relaxed way than they would during school, and start to take the lead on certain projects including the opportunity for volunteering.

Youth workers on the square are there not only to facilitate activities, but also build positive, professional relationships wit young people, encourage them to express themselves freely, and support them with issues that they may face. It is an opportunity to showcase young people to the wider community in a positive light.

More Than Just  A Youth Club