Shape our Young People, 
to shape their Future.

Project work
At All Saints Youth Project, everything we do is centred around the development and well-being of the Young People we are lucky enough to work with.  Alongside providing a safe, and versatile space for them to come and be themselves- our diverse staff team are always developing and running creative, educational and engaging projects designed with the sole intention of helping develop and improve the lives of all of our Young People.
Below are details of just a few of the most recent projects we have run and are running.

A musical sound project where our Young People's voices will form part of the tones sounded on the HS2 City Centre Clock.  Part one of this work involved our Young People contributing their voices and various instrumental melodies to a piece of music arranged and produced by professional musicians that was then publicly performed.  Further details of the full region-wide project can be found at:

The Causes of Loneliness
A year long project alongside the University of Birmingham where our Young People lent their voices and opinions to Masters Degree research about the causes and solutions to Loneliness in Young People.  During this project, our Young People helped shape and design a new space within the project designed to help them and their peers combat Loneliness.

Saints Reformed
An ongoing musical band project that is ever-evolving.  So far, the band have performed at various All Saints shows as well as public events at venues like the E52 Club and the Station Pub in Kings Heath.
Currently, Saints Reformed are working on learning, rehearsing and recording a song and crating a subsequent music video to raise awareness for Mental Health amongst Young People.  Watch (or listen) to this space!
History, Heritage & The Black Country Museum
There have been various projects exploring the Young People's communities and the history of places such as The Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath.  These have produced outputs like an exclusive book, (which you can download by clicking the image below!) and a short film (which you can watch below) as well as taking in fun trips to places like the Black Country Living Museum.

Brum Youth & The History of Youth Work
Our Young People began a project looking into the history of All Saints & the History of Youth Work in Birmingham.  Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, this project was sadly paused- but they are now back on track and soon; a dedicated website and short video about the subject- which will include an ever-developing archive of Youth Services in Birmingham.
#iWill Youth Social Action
Young People at All Saints are socially conscious as well as brilliantly creative, and the two were combined during a Youth Social Action project.
During this project, the group completed various modules including; safe use of social media, identifying their support network, drama role plays and various engaging activities- all with the aim of helping them engage further with their wider community in positive ways.
Consequences:  ASYP Short Films
Two years ago, the Young People at All Saints came up with the idea of creating a series of short films that look at the Consequences to different actions and environments.
The short film series- 'Consequences' was then born.  You can view the first two instalments (along with other creative outputs produced by the Young People) by clicking the image below.
Consequences 3 is expected to go into production in February 2021!
"We make short films, create our own games and go on loads of trips.  My first holiday was with All Saints. It's more than just a Youth Club."