We appreciate the generosity and community spirit of those who support us!

We have been very fortunate to still be running in our 20th (!) year. This is largely due to the help of people like you. 

  • We welcome donations of games, equipment and art materials. 
  • Volunteers who can offer particular skills; like musicians, artists, sports coaches etc
  • Corporate support 
  • Campaigning for young people 

In fact, our Young People's Centre is a shining example of community support. Besides the shell it was built with nothing! We had South & City College apprentices learning their craft during the day. This gave them real life practical experience. Then in the evening our own young people took over the work supported by trades mentors -local volunteers, who taught them new skills. This ranged from plaster boarding, carpentry and tiling to the painting. Local shops and businesses donated the materials we needed, Wilmott Dixons sponsored the kitchen. All the young people who contributed to the building work also gained a qualification for their efforts. It is a Young People's Centre in the truest sense: it was designed and built BY young people, FOR young people.