IMPACT recognises that a lot of support for families is aimed towards children and young people; however, parents and carers need support and time for themselves, too. IMPACT has been set up to give parents and carers a private space and time to meet others to socialise, share experiences and gain support. 

I come to the IMPACT meetings because everyone is so welcoming and friendly. We can share stories and experiences and learn things from each other that may come in useful to help with our everyday lives. We can also have a laugh and joke -which relieves stress and helps to build our confidence. The meetings give us time to relax and unwind. 


IMPACT helps me to release my stresses in safe place where I can talk openly and enjoy interactions with others. Each session leaves me feeling liberated and more confident.  

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2019 IMPACT group dates
Times: 9:30 - 11:30

13th September

11th October

8th November

6th December