Working together to offer help and support in a range of areas, including:

  • Working to reduce the effect on teenagers of domestic abuse, mental health
    problems, and drug or alcohol use by parents/carers
  • Working to prevent family breakdown.
  • Working to improve relationships and communication
  • Offering support and advice about the impact of substance misuse, domestic
    abuse, mental health issues, sexual exploitation and antisocial behaviour
  • Offering parenting support and advice.
  • Arranging one-to-one sessions with teenagers and their parents/carers

Family Support is defined as an integrated network of community-based resources and
services that strengthens parenting practices and the healthy development of children. A
healthy parent is a healthy child.
Family Support Characteristics:

  • Family driven, meaning there is a true partnership with families
  • Comprehensive, flexible, and individualized to each family based on their culture, needs,
    values and preferences
  • Builds on strengths to increase the stability of family members and the family unit
  • Utilizes informal and formal delivery models Family Support Results:
  • Increased parent confidence and competence in their parenting abilities
  • Safe, stable and supportive families who are connected to their communities
  • Enhanced and continuous health, growth and development of children and adults in the
    family unit

Family Support Referral Form