One definition of a riddle is: ​a question or statement intentionally phrased so as to require ingenuity in ascertaining its answer or meaning. ​ This basically means that it is  a question that may take a little thought in order to find the answer.  Here is a couple of examples from the week previous: 

  • ‘I am strong and also gentle and playful. You can hear & feel me and can see  my effects on things but cannot see me. I am everywhere. What am I? [the  wind] 
  • ‘I am a musical instrument. You can hear me but cannot see me. What am I?  [the voice] 
  • Name a colour without the letter ‘e’ in it

The interesting things about riddles are, even though they can be tricky and require you to pause and wrack your brain for the answer.  Anyone can come up with one! I find it so creative and puzzling to find a topic try and make it into a riddle -try it yourself! Look around the room or place you are in right now and pick something. Then think of a few key characteristics and traits of that thing that are both specific and vague and there you go! You have the fundamentals of your very own riddle! Personally, I don’t feel that we were taught enough about riddles to enjoy them and be excited about them. What do you think?    

Sometimes experiences we have can feel like riddles; those surprising moments when a person’s actions shock you, causing you to rethink everything you thought about that person! Or places you went and something you did that stayed with you because it was so enjoyable. It can be a riddle in the sense that it takes a moment of pause and thinking to realise the answer to ​why​ it stayed with you. Here are experiences people said they would take with them to old age:

  • ‘One of my primary school bullies helping me with a class art project  #surprising’  
  • ‘Going to Wales’
  • ‘My volunteering’
  • ‘Travelling around Europe’  
  • ‘My audition for muscle potential 2018’

What stands out to me about the experiences is they are all situations that would give you a new and different perspective on either people, life or the world we live in. Maybe even all three! I know from my experiences that it can be in an instance or over a period of time but anything and everything can be a perspective-changing experience if we choose to see it that way.

Additionally to this, films and TV can also shape our perceptions, perspectives and give us a window to worlds, ideas and life experiences we might not otherwise know about. Our top 5-10 films and TV shows can also show us something about ourselves. They also can show us what era or decade a person grew up in or relates to the most. Take a look  at the lists:

  • Mean girls, legally blond 1, a Cinderella story, EastEnders, it [new one] 
  • Juice, coach carter, paid in full, Scarface, big bang theory
  • Superman, squid in the jacket  
  • House, Friends, Pead Poets Society, Dark Knight Returns, Suits
  • Breaking Bad, Black Mirror, Power Rangers[tv], Pokemon [anime], Black Rock  [star] Shooter 
  • The Passion of Christ, The Shack, Narnia Chronicles, Instant Family, God Friended Me, The Marvel franchise of films and TV, The Good Doctor, An Interview with God, Victoria, Step up, God’s Not Dead [1,2,3], Fast and Furious, The Lion King, Mary Poppins, Finding Nemo and Dorey, most Disney films

You can see or at least take a guess at either the era someone grew up in or something about the persons likes and dislikes in terms of media. For example, it is clear to me that persons 2,4 and 5 relate most to an era they grew up in and the media that was available then [90’s or early 2000’s] and with the last person, you can almost accurately guess they  are a Christian or at the very least they believe in God. Often, the media we watch impacts us in such a way that we could talk about it forever. It becomes part of our personal library that we can open, scan and talk about for hours. I know I could!  

But how would we otherwise know these things for sure? Asking the  person and asking why. Engaging in conversation with people that we think we know. You never know what you could find out.  

In all honesty, I truly believe that we all desire to be wowed by creative things, whether riddles, experiences or creative stories in the form of TV, film and books. We are storytellers and listeners of stories.

What stories can you tell? To your family, friends and maybe even grandchildren and children one day?

We all have at least one.