What animal would you be, if you could choose? The answer may surprise you, as would the reason why! We can learn so much! Someone recently reminded me ‘you can learn something new every day’  and it's so true! We just have to keep asking questions, being curious in getting to know ourselves and others, as well as the earth we live on!

Anyway, here are the answers people gave for this question:

  • Cat - so I can be fussed
  • A cat cuz your fluffy and small
  • A rat b/c they’re smart
  • A horse or elephant because they are big[tall], strong, lovely and can carry people!
  • Dinosaur cah they cool!  

What these answers scream at me in a quiet way is peoples hearts! People want to be loved, fussed over, small and fluffy and comforted, smart quick and clever; they want to embrace their hugeness of size and heart to help people and we want to be cool, unique [which we are] and mysterious in the sense that we don’t truly know much about dinosaurs.  

It truly continues to surprise me how the smallest questions can reveal such depth in the hearts of those around us!

As you probably already know and experience on a daily basis, technology has evolved so much in the last 20-30 years! Even in the last year! What fascinates you about technology?? It can be very helpful to have technology that assists us available. A study conducted by the United Nations states that 47% of the world’s population has access to the internet[*]. To me, that is both a blessing and unfortunate because whilst the internet has helped and continues to help us in so many ways, it means that there are a lot of people that probably do not get the help they need because of this. However, I do think that as a western society we are too addicted to our technology, we should be stewards of our creations, not the other way round[**]! This topic is something I could talk more about however I’ll leave it there for now, here is :

  • High tech but a low-cost plane with lots of room so I can travel and take people with me.
  • Ps4 games [because it provides] communication
  • A teleporter so I can get around quickly  

Again this shows the hearts of people around us. The third questions I asked was: name one need that you see in the world and tell us what could be done about it? This was to try and see where some of the people here see brokenness in the world, which cracks they pick up on because we are each unique, we see unique and different cracks and needs that others might not automatically spot. Here are the needs people see:

  • We need more nice people
  • Less expectations, not sure how to fix it though
  • Less waste. Stop living in a disposable world.
  • Especially in western society, more community and love for each other. Educating or showing people the benefits of a more community-based culture in the world.  

There is a cry in our world for more love, acceptance and respect of each other's differences. Lets all of us from this day forward, choose to be loving towards one another. Even our enemies.


* Here is the article containing information about the study if anybody wants to read it!

Study on world internet access 

** for more info on stewarding technology check out the Real Life Podcast with Jeff and Alyssa Bethke, the episode on the secret to avoiding burnout in your life

Listen here:

podcast on avoiding burning out