When the cold and festive season starts rolling around, we all have our go-to drinks. Whether warm or cold, they soothe our hearts. Now, these drinks could be your usual or with a little extra spice but either way they are always nice. Take a look at the answers: 

  • Hot chocolate 
  • Hot chocolate 
  • J2O glitter berry (raspberry) 
  • J2O mango and passion fruit 
  • My favourite is hot chocolate 
  • Hot herbal tea (spiced) 
  • Hot chocolate because hot drinks are nice in winter 
  • Hot chocolate with some Christmas spices and whipped cream with cinnamon 

As you can see, hot chocolate is a big winner for this time of year. When do you bring it out? As soon as it gets cold or on a specific date like bonfire night? Speaking of which, bonfire night has mixed reviews. Some people like it and some people don’t. It can be especially hard for people who struggle with sensory overload or just don’t like loud noises. Where do you stand? Here’s what the people said: 

  • B: sparklers, w: loudness of fireworks 
  • B: being huddled in the cold, w: firework accidents 
  • B: the sound of fireworks is calming, w: when a firework comes out of nowhere 
  • B: fireworks, w: when I’m not doing it and my dog’s bark [the noise] 
  • The bonfire and fireworks are beautiful 
  • W: noises when I’m trying to sleep 
  • W: i hate bonfire night because i don’t like loud noises 

Even with its downsides, this festival can still be fun! It’s an excuse for one last BBQ, a nice fire, maybe even a little acoustic music and spending time with friends, family or both! What’s your favourite thing to do on this night? 

Another thing that has been having mixed reviews lately is Kanye West, his newfound direction in life and his latest album: "Jesus is King". In an interview with James Corden [airpool karaoke] he goes into more detail about his journey. Response to this transformation is very mixed, some people love it, some hate it or his music in general, and some are on the fence and not sure. Here’s what a few of the young people think: 

  • His music is okay 
  • I hate it because it’s boring 
  • I think that if it’s real and lasts then great but I’m unsure 

In moments like these, especially as a firm believer in Jesus, it would be so easy to fall into the trap of judgement and condemnation. However, i think there is a much better way to approach this: pray for him so that it will last, be open to it being true and give him space and time to figure this whole thing out. 


Most importantly, as with anyone, we should be loving, understanding and compassionate. Especially at this time of year! Spreading the festive and Christmas spirit! I hope that your week goes well and don’t forget to share your thoughts on this week’s questions below or twitter!