How do you usually spend your weekend? Do you work, play or throw it away?  What’s your ideal way to spend your weekend?

That was my question to the people. Whenever we get to take our weekends or days off work, we should use them for our benefit -to take time out to rest and refill in prep for the week ahead! This will look different for everyone because what satisfies our soul is unique to our uniqueness! Here are the people’s answers:

  • With family or asleep
  • Playing games
  • Play sports or go [on the] computer or homework
  • Spend time with family and friends
  • Either sleep or play games or go out
  • Playing DnD [dungens and dragons] with friends or some video games :)
  • At church and spending time with loved ones
  • Netflix and snacks with [friends]
  • Exploring some interesting space
  • Seeing my family    

What I’ve learnt about rest and weekends is that they are very valuable. Especially if you want to stop burnout on a regular basis. It is much better to prevent burnout than to fix burnout! Making time for rest and refill on a weekend or day off is a great way to do this!

Weekends and time off, whether for holidays or just days when you're free can be a great time for adventures! This can be in your own city/area or somewhere else in the world! Here are adventures people would like to have:

  • Explore the earth
  • Go to Spain
  • Escape room or murder mystery game
  • Exploring abandoned buildings
  • Go to America
  • Explore the sea
  • Being an actor
  • Lots of them! Being in a forest
  • Fornite or sports
  • To explore an abandoned building

We should explore this beautiful and damaged earth we live in before it is too late! And spend time with those we love and go on adventures whilst we still have time! You’d be surprised at how many adventures you've been on when you look back at your life and reflect on those special moments.

What moments in your life stand out to you? What would you like to re-live for the first time again? The responses to this question really confirmed to me that its these moments in time that shape who we are, as well as our habits. Here are the responses;

  • Meeting family in America
  • Fornite in season 2
  • My whole childhood
  • First gig/ festival
  • Primary school
  • First time performing on a stage
  • Being baptised full immersion
  • The first time I went to the beach in the sea because it was a fun experience
  • My drake concert
  • I would like to relive the time where I kicked a ball

We, as humans are shaped by our experiences, so let's make some great memories with those around us! Let's meet new people and share our hearts with them. Vulnerability and honesty of the heart are scary especially for those who have been hurt before, [myself included sometimes], but is so rewarding when we are because you're being true to you and who you were made to be. You can’t change it after all. A fish can’t be an elephant no matter how much it desires to because it was created to swim and live in the waters of this earth, rather than walk and live on land.

This is my challenge for you this week: find out one more thing about yourself and love yourself for it. It may not happen straight away and may take longer than a week to achieve, but try. I promise it will be well worth it!!