As we move from the warm weather of the summer months to colder weather of the autumn and winter months I thought it would be interesting to know people's opinions on the weather; whether they preferred warm or cold weather, this is what they said: 

  • Warm because its better for me 
  • Cold because it is easier to warm up than cool down 
  • Cold weather because if it is ice it is funny when people fall over 
  • Cold because snow is fun 
  • Warm, I love the sun 
  • I like colder weather because i prefer winter and being cosy 
  • Cold weather so I can chill 
  • Both because warm is warmer and you can be outside in parks, cold because you can cosy up and you get snow sometimes. 

As we can see everyone has different but similar reasons to why they like either/or weather. Weather is something we talk about often, using it as small talk for when we struggle with conversation. However, it doesn’t have to be that way! There are always more ways we can liven up a conversation and bridge the gap. 

Another form of bridging the gap is with our own insecurity and learning to affirm ourselves. Loving who we are and who we were created to be. Recently, I watched the Netflix original film ‘TallGirl’. Its main message is about coming to love who you are and Ava Michelle Cota (lead actress) is a great advocate of this. This film has encouraged me to #standtall and to be more accepting of who I am as a person, so I wanted to encourage the youth of All Saints to think about 3 positive ways they could describe themselves. Here's what they said: 

  • Bubbly, kind, poetic 
  • Amazing, baller [being good at football etc], smart 
  • Nice, kind, happy 
  • Thoughtful, positive, creative
  • Caring, thoughtful, funny 
  • Creative, sporty, fashionable 
  • Handsome, athletic, generous 

It is so lovely to see that the young people that come here can be positive about themselves rather than negative. Social media is a big contributor to this as it gives way to comparison and losing or questioning our identity. 

This is where friends often come in to help. They are great at affirming us [encouraging us]  when we believe lies about who we are or can be a hand up when we feel low. This prompted me to ask the question of what our young people think is the best about friends: 

  • They give you a different perspective 
  • They are funny 
  • They are always with you and by your side 
  • Having someone there for you 
  • There are friends for every part of your life 
  • They are always there for me and they always out with me
  • They are always there for you 
  • Heartwarming and hilarious 
  • talking/ sleepovers 

What I have learnt from these questions is that it only takes a little digging inside of our selves to find what we like about ourselves and to come to a place where we can love who we are. 

I hope this encourages you to continue to pour out love on yourself but most importantly on those around you, especially those younger than you. You never know how much it can help someone. 

Have a blessed week :)