With Avengers Endgame just released in cinemas, I asked the young people and staff of All Saints who their favourite superhero/villain or fictional character /film/tv series is. These hero, anti-hero, villains and supers of this kind are great because the diversity, equality and positive representation of people of various abilities, strengths and weaknesses provide us with a lens to see people in our own lives differently for the greater good. They show us how we can, in society, truly work together, doing what we are each good at and considering ourselves and others equal. Here are the young people’s responses:

  • Captain America, Thor, Black Widow
  • Walter White from breaking bad
  • Game of Thrones
  • House MD
  • Avengers endgame is my favourite film
  • Spiderman
  • Thor because he is fat*

We all have our favourites, including our favourite foods and beverages. This week I asked the young people what 3 foods/drinks would you struggle to live without. The inspiration for this was actually a conversation with my brother about foods he would struggle to live without. Once again, it gives you a little insight into who people are and you get to know them a little bit more! Why not try asking someone this week the same question? Here are the people's answers:

  • Oreo milkshakes, fruit, my mums cooking
  • Toast water coffee
  • Pepsi cherry max, ice cream, chicken
  • Coke water ice cream
  • Rice tea hot sauce
  • Coffee, fisherman's friends, white chocolate
  • Chicken rice pizza
  • Pizza apple water
  • Dr Pepper, Pepsi, fanta, crisps sweets gammon
  • Boost water iron bru, chips cookie dough ice cream chicken

What surprises me most about young people is that they have so much inside them, what they like, dislike, hobbies, all of the things that make them who they are, yet a lot of the time we don’t see probably even half of it! We need to take time to really get to know our young people! Ask them the big questions and the little ones! They are really interesting and it won’t be time wasted! That brings me onto the 3rd question of this week: what kind of person do you hope to be when you are 50+ and look back on your life? Here are their responses:

  • A kind, loving thoughtful person that is clean healthy and still loves Jesus!
  • Forward thinking, comfortable, caring, clean
  • A proud father
  • My 12 yr old self thnx:).
  • Javelin thrower
  • Will Smith because he's funny and a good actor
  • Calmer more zen, improved version of the person I already am.

Wherever possible, we should engage with the young people around us! Not give up on them, and leave them to fend for themselves. They can’t. So let’s all take the responsibility to engage, talk and communicate with the young people we know so that issues like knife crime, drug abuse and fighting to name a few can be reduced through the love we share to those around us. Superhero films and media similar are such a good way to get a conversation going! Ask the young people and all people you meet what they are into, what they like and who they are and want to be. We are all created equals. Each of us different and unique but similar in some ways.

We are not alone. There is always someone who loves you and wants to know you more and more each day. Take time out to find out who those people are! And be that person for someone else!

Have a blessed week!