In our short lives, it is important to -at the end of each day, month, season, year, etc to reflect on what has given us joy and great memories, the things we have learnt and what we can improve on. That's what the questions were about this week: reflecting, looking at what we have discovered and what we can look forward to! It is important for us to do this so that we can really enjoy life! And get the best out of it and be the best we can be! 

A good place to start is by asking yourself questions like 'what were the top 3 [or 5] things that happened [today, this week, month, season, year etc]?' 

This is why I asked the people of All Saints Youth Project what their top 3 things they did this summer were. Here are their answers :D 


  • The Limitless Youth Festival, reading The Shack, spending time with friends and family
  • Ride out [cycling through the city], gaming, family 
  • Wales, All Saints holiday scheme, go out with friends 
  • Watched Spider-man, went shopping in the city centre, went to Weston Super Mare
  • Butlins, make music, holiday scheme 
  • Spain, chilled with friends, relaxed 

Identifying what we enjoy is such a great thing to do! It provides us with an insight into what we like and enables us to be better conversationalists! One of the greatest difficulties of our modern-day culture is that we find it difficult to hold conversations with people. We struggle to find somewhere to start off or to continue with after a silence. This was also part of the reason why i started Q.O.T.W because it allowed me to break the ice and start talking and holding conversations with young people. 

{Also, feel free to use any of the questions with people you know! }

Another great thing about talking to people is that you learn things you may not have known about that person or yourself. Learning can also happen through situations or other activities we do. This is what sparked the question of what the young people realised about themselves or the world over the summer as summer is a time of growth and change, whether physically or inwardly. Have a look at what they said: 

  • The more you talk to someone the less false perceptions you have about people 
  • That I'm almost 13 
  • The weather is not to be trusted 
  • I like creative writing 
  • Not everybody hates me 
  • If you don’t put the effort in then certain people don’t speak to you 

As good as it is to reflect on the past, is important not to stay there. It is also important to take note of what is up ahead and embrace it or note your excitement for it! This way, even if your current situation looks bleak, you have something to look forward to! What are you looking forward to in the next month? Here are the young people's responses: 

  • Ignite open mic night for young adults 
  • Saving the world 
  • My birthday 
  • Friends bday 
  • Homework 
  • Moving to uni 
  • Law classes 
  • October: Halloween  

Ultimately, our life is as important today as it was yesterday and tomorrow. Life is worth taking note of and you, my dear friend are worthy and capable of living a good and wholesome life! You are valuable on this day and you always have been and always will be! That is my encouragement for you today!

Have a blessed day!