With the newest [at time of writing] Spider-man film out in cinemas, Spider-man: Far From Home, it got me thinking about which spider-man is the young peoples favourite and which spider man movie is their favourite so far. One of the things that I love about spider-man is that he really is a hero of the people, caring about the little guy. Here are the All Saints peeps answers: 

  • Tom holland - best peter + spidey, into the spider-verse, homecoming, amazing S.M. 2, Spiderman 1 
  • Into the spider-verse 
  • Tom holland 
  • Tom holland 
  • Toby Maguire 
  • Tom holland 

As we can see Tom Holland is a favourite, not only for his looks, personality and charm but also his talent in capturing the heart of both Peter Parker and Spider-man pretty perfectly! All of those who have played spider-man have done a great and awesome job and we can see over the generations that the movies have gotten much better. 

The great thing about movies is that they are a wonderful way to spend rainy days! Whether on our own or with others, movies are a great way to pass time and enjoy the creativity and hard work of a very large group of people! It still amazes me every time I see the credits rolling just how many people it takes to create one movie! I love rainy days, for this reason, this was part of the inspiration to ask the young people this question: 

  • Movies, hot chocolate, cosy reading.  
  • Sleeping and eating 
  • Sleep 
  • Sleep and listen to music 
  • Play video games 
  • Check for leaks in the house 

Needless to say, young people, these days are worked quite hard mentally and this takes a great toll on their energy levels, which doesn’t help with the amount of homework they get as well! This all contributes to a lack of sleep. Things need to adjust. anyway, mini-rant over. 

Birthdays are great for some people and sad for others, however, I hope that everyone gets at least one that's good if not great. Here are the young people’s favourite birthdays so far and why: 

  • 10th because it was at an archbishops house in Tanzania 
  • 14th it was fun 
  • All of them 
  • My 16th spent it with friends 
  • My 13th- experience
  • 12th - on holiday  

It is always great to see young people engaging with activities and being passionate about things. It is always shameful to hear older generations accusing all young people of not having ambitions and interests. They do! We as the older generations have to actually engage with them in order to find out these things. To teach them the beauty of communication face to face and encourage them in what they are passionate about. 

Sometimes it is up to us to show them a better or more healthy way.