We all have places, things and sounds that give us rest and keep us calm. I was intrigued this week to find out what particular sounds are favourited by the young people and staff at All Saints! Sound is a powerful thing. It can penetrate and pass through not only our physical body but also our soul and our hearts! It can hurt our ears or immerse us in something beautiful. Let's take a look at what they said: 

  • The ocean 
  • strings/orchestra
  • A piano 
  • Being a pig & dinosaur [their impression of these] 
  • Rain on the windows 
  • My favourite sound is drips of water falling into the water because it sounds relaxing. 
  • Bassline sounds sick [good] in songs and the feeling in your body 
  • Relaxing humming eg. mmmmmmmmmm 


Enjoyable sound is so unique to each person! For me, it's interesting to find out because I am very naturally aware of sounds. You could say they distract me! Some sounds we may not always be able to hear like an orchestra or a bass line so loud you feel it in your body. These experiences may be on our bucket lists. Again they are different for everyone and they show you more about the person you're asking! Here are the beautiful peeps’ answers: 


  • dunk, make the NBA, meet blue face [rapper] 
  • A classical music concert, new Zealand, zip wire
  • Sky diving, I want to go to bora bora, deep-sea diving 
  • Attend an NBA game, meet Dirk Nowitzki, set up a foundation
  • Ride a motorbike, get a job, start a channel [youtube] 
  • Go to Hawaii, swim with dolphins, go on a cruise/ undestined trip 
  • Open doors for the younger gen[eration], make 60 [age], perform at Wireless [zozo] 


Linking back to what i said about sound, having a quiet space is also really key for making all aspects of our health be as best it can be so we don’t burn out. It is good to encourage the people around us to think about these things so that they can be more self-aware and in tune with their needs. Here is what they said is their favourite quiet place: 


  • Underneath an oak tree in a field in the countryside 
  • The bedroom at night 
  • Headphones - lose myself in my music 
  • My bedroom 
  • Bedroom 
  • My bedroom because i can hide away. 


Our bedrooms should be spaces that we can go and relax. We should strive to make our rooms as peaceful and tidy as possible. This really helps us get a good nights sleep so we are more refreshed and less stressed! What is your favourite quiet place? 


Please encourage those around you and yourself to make regular pockets of rest in your week! They make such a difference and can be filled with activities that give you true rest. For example, activities that give me great rest are reading, listening to Christian music, baking, and many more. 


My encouragement for you this week is to spend some quiet time at the beginning of your day or whenever you can spare 5 minutes, to sit and reflect on what gives you true rest, even if it takes time and energy it warms your heart and gives you contentment. Then make space in your week for that activity and see what difference it makes. Tell us what you find! 


Have a blessed week!