Hello beautiful people! It's very nice to see you again! 

Before the summer began, i asked the people of All Saints Youth Project the following questions. Happy reading :) 

What is your favourite Youtube channel or Instagram page? Why? What content do they have? 

  • Fine bro’s /react,  jeff and Alyssa Bethke 
  • Best-dressed - fashion, interesting 
  • Tgf bro, chop daily 
  • Fooligan because he drives a motorbike and i want to be like him 
  • Harhuristo - game speedrunning videos, i like his content because there is a high level of technical skill shown 
  • Anything BTS [band], pewdiepie [youtuber], lost, pause, anime, memes 

This, I felt, was an important one to ask as it shows who is influencing those you care about. In an age where, a lot of the time, who we follow on social media or watch on Youtube has a greater influence on us than our parents or those around us who care about us and truly know us, it is so important to know and be aware of who we are all staring at for most of the day. 

Even those we watch with good intentions or a good message can have a negative effect if we do know, accept and love who we already are and be secure in that. [which is very hard to do, it is a process] social media should not be about comparison but about inspiration and encouragement. 

One of the most popular among these social media is Twitter. This platform is often a place of important discussion and humour. Especially through the use of hashtags. For an example see our 2nd question of this week: 

What is your response to #thingsyou’llneverseemedo? 

  • Be an athlete in the Olympics 
  • Sing along to music and just sing 
  • Wear crocs 
  • Wearing crocs! :) 
  • Wear a toupe or combover if i started losing my hair 
  • Go on a plane 

This specific question is one that produces answers full of certainty and conviction. However, it can be hard to pick an answer to this question when you are in a place of understanding that anything can happen in this life of ours. We never truly know what we are and are not going to do. Also, its good to be open to change for the better, to allow growth otherwise we can become stagnant. 

Also, sometimes we as people, when we see or hear about challenging and deep situations, such as abuse or depression or suicide, we can have this attitude of ‘if this happened to me I wouldn't do x,y or z’. But the truth is we don’t know what we would do in those situations until we experience them ourselves. 

Also, comments and beliefs like this are unforgiving, uncompassionate and do not allow love to flow through us. Tv shows like ‘13 reasons why’ are good because they open up that conversation around mental health and bullying and all the topics it deals with. Not for us to judge or show condemnation, but to understand and try compassion. Here’s what the young people and staff thought: 

Did you watch ‘13 Reasons Why’? What is your opinion on the show? 

  • Yes, it was needed to open up a conversation about mental health but Hannah is still annoying. [forgive me i forgot why] 
  • No, but i think it was important to the mental health conversation as it was a widely discussed series 
  • Yes, it showed the truth of bullying etc 
  • Yes, it is sad 
  • A few episodes yes, it's dark and depressing and very deep but it's nice :) 

Tv shows are rarely perfect in their representation of such issues because all our experiences have differences to them.  

But let's be graceful, loving and compassionate in everything we do as much as possible. Because true change doesn't happen without those things. 

How can you be graceful and loving this week?