There are many reasons why a month is your favourite; it could be birth, season, tv, films, books etc so many different occurrences in our lives that mark a spot on our calendar. Those few that really resonate with us. Here are All Saint's answers:

  • July because it is warm, sunny and my birthday
  • December Christmas
  • September kids go back to school, the sun starts to disappear, no 1’s happy
  • January a new year with new challenges
  • December because Christmas is coming! (and you can get snuggly on cold nights)
  • July- September summer, the birds, heat and travel
  • October because i <3 fall (not autumn) + its my bday
  • May -my birthday -two youth conventions - summer really begins

What warms my heart about this is that most of the answers speak of times of celebration or gatherings. All times of togetherness and when everything seems possible. A wistfulness is in the air…

One of the great benefits of the summer months is the multitude of superhero movies released. I find these add to the wonderings of our imaginations, encouraging us to look at what isn’t completely possible. What superpower would you have? Have a look at what others said:

  • To walk really fast (like quicksilver [x men]) or fly to travel quickly or easily
  • Mind read + control
  • Invisibility
  • Wings !!!
  • Invisibility
  • photographic memory
  • Healing factor [a la Wolverine]
  • I would be invisible
  • Be like red [Avengers ] (scarlet witch)

Wishful thinking and imagination can often produce or fuel real life ambitions. In one of my early posts, I asked the young people and staff here what they would like adults to know and one of the answers was ‘that we have ambitions’ so that got me thinking about what those ambitions are! Here are their thoughts:

  • To help bring joy to people
  • To open doors for people
  • To write a sitcom
  • 3 kids nice house good job
  • To live overseas + have 2 kids
  • Police lady chemistry degree
  • I aspire to finish my game and bring some enjoyment into peoples lives
  • Family, to help others with my profession

I love that the young people aspire for more in their life, that they want fulfilment! We need to encourage our young people. We really do! They need to know that they can achieve and find fulfilment in their life by doing what they are created for! What they are gifted at! What they are passionate about!

We all have passions that burn deep. We all have gifts that set us apart. Let's use our gifts to express our passions. Let's encourage our young people to do the same!