Humour and laughing is a great way to connect with those around us. Somethings are funny to pretty much everyone but sometimes things only a particular generation will understand. Laughing also makes us feel better and can help us improve our general mood for the day. I was intrigued to find out what or who the young people find funny as it can show us as staff another way to connect with the young people. Here are their answers: 

  • Michael Jr. [comedian], Tim Hawkins [comedian] because they are funny
  • My friends make me laugh, 
  • My siblings because they’re funny 
  • Jasmine & Caitlin, they’re funny 
  • My brother makes me laugh whenever I’m having a bad day 
  • The young people at the centre 
  • My friends make me laugh because they’re funny 
  • Grandad, video’s online 

It was actually really great to see that most of the people the young people listed are family members or friends! This also shows me that young people have people in their lives that they feel connected to and enjoy spending time with. 

Another great way to connect with people is to find out what sort of movies, books, TV shows and comic books they are into. I was also interested in finding out what character from their favourite media they would like to be if possible. 

  • Movie: any from MCU, Darcy from the Thor movies because she is really cool, smart and funny 
  • I would choose to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz because she has an amazing group of friends 
  • I would be Phineas from Phineas and Ferb 
  • I would be George Michael because he is cute 
  • My favourite movie is Harry Potter 
  • I would be George Michael because he is beautiful and the best 

These answers always surprise me. It just goes to show that you never really know what some feels inside. It is good to remember to be as compassionate and kind as possible to everyone we meet.

Another surprise to the world recently was the passing of NBA star Kobe Bryant and the others who were in the helicopter. I didn’t know about Kobe before this happened, however since then I have heard many inspiring things about him and the effect his actions and words had on people. This inspired me to ask the young people what they would like to be remembered for. Most people remember Kobe for his 'mamba mentality'. Here’s what the young people said: 

  • Remembered for my faith, kindness and music 
  • Clever and funny 
  • Lovely and nice 
  • My wittiness and smile 
  • I would like to be remembered for the advice I give to other people and my sporting ability

No matter who we are or where we have come from, we would all like to be remembered in a good light. Often it is those who have gone before us that inspires us to do the same. 

Who will you inspire?