Ice cream is one of those desserts that can be eaten at any time! Either on its own or accompanied by one of your favourite puddings or pies [mines apple pie]. As it's drawing near to the winter season, I thought it would be good to think about something we wouldn’t necessarily at this time of year: what flavour of ice cream we would be. Random I know but it's fun! Here are the responses: 

  • Mint choc, because it’s fresh, sweet and chocolatey! 
  • vanilla, it is basic 
  • Kinder Bueno because it tastes nice =) 
  • Chocolate because it is refreshing 
  • Strawberry because it’s my favourite flavour 
  • Neopolitan, ‘cos there are all different sides to me. 

One of the great things about All Saints Youth Project is the safety and ability to have fun and ask these fun questions. They bring out the laughter and joy in others! Here are some other things the young people enjoy about All Saints: 

  • The conversations with others 
  • Seeing my friends 
  • Getting to meet new people and experience new things 

Another great thing about All Saints is that the staff all try to be as approachable as possible. This is important in general life and in working with people of any age, especially young people. This also made me think about what makes a stranger on the street seem approachable. Why do we pick the person we pick when we need to ask someone for directions? Here’s what the young people said: 

  • Kind face or nice smile 
  • If they’re smiling 
  • Friendly smile =) eye contact 
  • Someone who smiles at you and uses eye contact 

Being kind and wearing a smile is not something that is too difficult. Sometimes it is, but on the whole, it is something we can all try to do more especially when we are out and about. Let’s all agree to smile more this week and see what happens! Let us know either on twitter or below!