Hobbies, travelling and rules people have if they ruled a small island nation.

The questions this week highlighted a few things. Talking about hobbies showed me that when people start talking about things they are really interested in they can talk!! It’s such a wonderful change, seeing someone who is usually quiet just sharing what they like about a certain activity or being truly honest about what they like doing. It is very fair to say that these people surprise me every single week!

Let's take a look at peoples favourite hobbies and activities shall we:

● Singing/photography
● Performing poetry :)
● Looking after my beagle
● music/ basketball
● Going to wales because there are things to do there like arcades, the beach and castles
● Drama and performing
● Screaming at people to let my anger out or going out
● Writing … hatemail to everybody I know, everybody I used to know and everybody I am yet to know [matt ford staff member]

Wistfulness, dreaming, wondering… they are all something we feel or do at least once in our lifetime, I would say especially when it comes to places we would like to travel to! We dream about sunsets on the beach, mouth-watering, culturally different foods and the famous sites of the special destinations in our hearts. Some places connect us to
our past, present or future, to the people we love or hold dearly in our heart and to everyone around the world! We are all connected and travelling through life together, all at different points in our respective journey’s.

Have a look at some of the destinations:

● New Zealand
● America
● Leon, France because of Michelin restaurants and also Canada and Alaska
● The world
● Somewhere warm like Benidorm, Lanzarote and Majorca
● Miami, Hawaii, Paris and the Carribean
● Jamaica, Hawaii
● Canada
● NY - madison square garden for NBA game
● Somewhere clean, fresh and Hot!

I reckon to lead a small island nation would have it's up’s and downs and no doubt would be very challenging at times. Nevertheless, thinking about the rules or guidelines we would have is both exciting and allows you to peak into the hearts and desires we have for the world we live in currently…

Here are some examples from the week

Show love to everyone including yourself
● Have respect for other people
● If you argue you can leave
● Don’t mess about on the island
● Be kind
● Us Gold as currency
● Random acts of kindness
● Be nice and listen to each other
● Only use weapons to kill non-domesticated animals for food only [more specifics to this one]
● Everyone, including the leader, has to make their own house, furniture and stuff for their plot of land given.

At the heart of it, people want to belong, to be known and to be loved. That’s how we are created to be after all. Show love! Give someone a hug today! Smile as much as possible! It not only blesses other people and cheers them up, but it also provides a sense of fullness within the heart! You’re heart!

That is my challenge for all of us this week, and this year, smile and show love and respect to as many people as possible!