In the world today there are new movies and tv shows coming out all the time. Whether on a streaming service like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV or on normal tv channels, we can always find something to watch. After watching a very interesting tv series on Netflix I was intrigued to find out if there was anything the young people had watched that they had loved or enjoyed. Here is what they said: 

  • Riverdale [15]
  • Breaking bad [18]  
  • Haven’t watched a tv programme recently 
  • The good place [12] 
  • I haven’t watched tv recently 

The three shows listed have had great reviews. Interestingly, they all deal with various important issues/topics that prominently affect our world today such as suicide/death, drugs, life after death and relationships. I was also intrigued to find out that some of the young people haven’t watched any tv shows recently! It begs the question: what are they watching? What are they interested in? 

Another prominent media type in the lives of our young people today is music. Previously I asked about their favourite artists or songs but this week I was intrigued to find out what styles of music they like that people may not expect of them. Here is what they said: 

  • Musicals 
  • Trap remixes e.g. Hakuna Matata trap remix 
  • Mario kart music 
  • Mario kart soundtrack 

Although not many of the young people answered the question, it does show that there is always something we can learn about someone. No matter how long we have known that person, there is always something new to learn because we are constantly in new situations and experience new things. 

Our imaginations are powerful. It can both help and be unhelpful when imagining future situations but when used in fun situations it can come up with amazing things! I was intrigued to find out what the young people could imagine for an island if they had the chance to create their own and what would be the strangest thing they would create. Here is what they came up with: 

  • A Gruffalo 
  • Unicorn 
  • Purple plants that are huge, a horse that can poop rainbows, blue sand beaches 
  • A flying walking leaf who can transform into a dog 
  • A flying leaf 

What would your answer be? 

My challenge for this week is to imagine or create something that is outside of the current norm and see where it takes you!