In our current world, gifts are a big part of the culture. Especially at Christmas. Because of this, I was intrigued to see what the young people valued most out of all the gifts they received this year. Here’s what they said:   

  • Phone, headset 
  • Polaroid camera, 20 packs of noodles
  • Laptop, a holiday 
  • CJB bible. Beats headphones 
  • Games, Nintendo Switch 
  • Lie in, solitude 
  • Best CD 
  • Trainers, chocolate 
  • The gift of life, chocolate 
  • 24’’ TV, M&S bath and body set 

As we can see, there is a lot of variety. Whether they appreciate being alive or having a lie-in or it was something physical given. It shows that something they received brought them joy! Notice how everything they said was something they can use, not just something temporary. 

This time of year is also about creating memories and often during this time of year significant moments in our lives happen. This led me to wonder what moments the young people and staff of All Saints enjoyed this year. This is what they said:   

  • Christmas day, leading worship @ church on NYE!, baking bread on Christmas eve 
  • Seeing my grandparents, celebrating new years with my friends for the first time
  • Fortine all day on new years with nice people 
  • Spending time with siblings, making new music 
  • Playing with my bro, basketball, football
  • Staying over at Alton towers, making a cardboard Xmas tree 
  • Going out to eat, spending time with family, meeting friends

This time of year is also a time of transition, from one year to the next or in this case, transitioning from one decade to another. As well as catching up with people and doing fun things like that, we also tend to make resolutions or goals that we would like to work towards in the new year that we are hurtling towards. 

As I myself have been thinking about this, I also pondered if the young people had made any goals for the new year. It’s important to at least think about what things you would like to achieve in the next season of life as it can help us be more focused on adjusting our habits or start new ventures. Anyway, here’s what they said: 

  • Find out more about studying counselling, driving lessons and pass 
  • Be successful, being different from the last decade  
  • Go back to the gym, push myself out of my comfort zone 
  • Skateboard more, stop spending more on stupid things 
  • Play for a proper basketball team, brother to become a footballer. 

As we can see, most of the goals listed here are reachable! It’s all about the motivation and the persistence to push through any lulls we might feel and get it done! 

This is my challenge to you this week and year: every day do something, anything big or small, that will help towards either forming a habit that will enable you to achieve your goal or something that will help realise your goal.