This week, ​ I​ was asked the question of why Q.O.T.W started; as I explained  then, it combines fun conversational topics with an easy ice breaker that  also breaks down social barriers such as social awkwardness. It helps to  get to know each other in a more easygoing way. 

Asking people about their favourite smells was wonderful! It opens up peoples world and invites us into their own sense of home.
Check out our answers:    

  • "baby lotion and dove deodorant because it reminds me of my mum"
  • "my mum cooking corn meal porridge because it smells like cinnamon and home"
  • "wash & ironed clothes because they smell nice"
  • "Christmas -for happy Christmas times and the countryside because I used to go there with my dad"
  • "[a young persons aunty's] washing"
  • "line dry clothes & new baby smell"     

Relaxing is an important part of our week and everyday lives. It's important to carve spaces out of our busy week to recuperate before​ we get over-stressed and burnt out.
Here are some of the answers people gave about their preferred relaxation methods:  

  • "Reading, bubble baths, music, baking and poetry"
  • "Playing video games, listening to music, writing"
  • "Walking"
  • "Chilling with my friends…"

Questions can be tricky, especially the most repeated: ‘how are you?’ ‘what do you do now?’ ‘where are you from?’ and ‘are you ok?’. These were all questions people said were the most annoying and frustrating questions people ask them.   This is what they would like to be asked instead:    

  • "What are you passionate about?"
  • "Where would you like to go?"
  • [there were no other responses for this]  

This week's questions and responses taught me that we only truly begin to understand and know someone if we ask the personal stuff. We, as social beings, have to commit to actually spending time with people and getting to know them by asking real questions. It’s so important!!    

Additionally, we have to be willing to understand and get to know  ourselves and its in those moments of true relaxation where it's just us,  that we can explore who we are.