Asking the young people and staff at All Saints about their favourite apps, fictional worlds they’d like to visit for a day and what they think adults should know about teenagers was eye-opening. 

Questions of the week always are; they provide an insight into the thoughts, opinions and beliefs into the people around you. Responses often bring up unexpected topics and points of view. Some weeks I have chewed for days on topics or subjects that came up- following a train of thought stemming from someone's answer to a question. 

Responses also give you a peek into the doorway of a person personality, their interests and hobbies. 
Enough said for the moment, hear some of the responses:

Apps: Spotify, youtube, snapchat, facebook, weather and gallery/camera.

Fictional worlds: Twin Peaks, South Park, Marvel universe, Terabithia/magic tree, Narnia.

Messages for adults about teenagers:
That their problems are real [to them at the very least] and should be taken seriously.
● We don’t know everything yet, we are still learning.
● We are small and need fun
● That we do have ambitions.

All of these responses showed me young people have more to them then we realised. They want us to listen up! To really take an interest and not dismiss them or shove them under the same umbrella. Let’s start listening to an paying more attention to our young people; let’s show them we care!