Hello gorgeous people! I hope life is well, if not I hope and pray it gets better. Dessert, I have found, have a way of comforting you in a way that other food doesn’t. Sometimes this can lead to emotional eating (myself included in this :/) which is not good for you, but there is plenty of help available for this. Aside from this, desserts are great fun to eat, share and create so I asked the All Saints peeps what their 3 favourites are. Here are their yummy answers! 

  • Oreo cheesecake - amazing, apple pie - childhood, Costco sponge cakes - amazing flavour esp frosting! 
  • Ice cream - because its nice in warm weather, brownies- because they're nicely warmed up, fruit - because it’s healthy, 
  • Ice cream - why not 
  • Cheesecake, sorbet - alternative to ice cream, sponge cake- goes well with custard. 
  • Red velvet cake - it’s red 
  • Cupcakes, ice cream, eclairs 
  • White chocolate cheesecake, tiramisu 

The great thing about desserts is you can either bake them at home or go out and eat them! In order to do this, we need transport. For a very long time in our world history and still in some areas of the world today, animals were used as transport. I asked the All Saints people what animal they would use as transport [animals can adjust to size] if they didn't have the mechanical transport we have today: 

  • Shaggy Horse 
  • White horse 
  • Horse 
  • Dragon 
  • A horse 
  • A human [??]
  • Guinea pig 
  • Bird - because you could fly 

A horse is a popular choice as they are fast but also can carry humans well without causing unnecessary harm to the animal. Unlike elephants for instance which are not actually made to carry heavy loads on their back so are actually damaged by carrying humans! However, I love the creativity of choosing a guinea pig as transport, and the fantastical element of a dragon or bird etc. 

Summer is a great time for all sorts of different activities, horse rides included! I was curious about what the young people were looking forward to this summer:

  • The limitless festival, sun, sand, sea and chilling 
  • Nice weather and not doing anything 
  • Seeing the Red Arrows at the air show 
  • Nice weather 
  • House parties and festivals 
  • Summer scheme @ AllSaints 
  • I am looking forward to my birthday and going to the park with my dogs. Also, I am looking forward to catching a tan 

What are you looking forward to this summer? Have you got anything planned? Is summer something you look forward to? 

These are all questions we can ask each other. Get to know the people around you and maybe you’ll find out something new! Sometimes, no matter how long you’ve known a person or place there are always things you can find out! For instance, I recently found out the origin and background to flamenco and that Spain suffered through a very severe civil war during the mid to late 20th century not long after coming out of a dictatorship and I've been going on holiday there regularly since I can remember!  

You don’t know what you don’t know unless to find out! #speaktopeople