The colours we favour tells how we are feeling inside. When we favour darker colours, it is most likely that you're feeling angry or sad. If you favour brighter colours you're more likely to be happier or want to be happier. This week I asked All Saints Youth what their favourite colours are and why. Here are the answers:

  • Purple - neutral colour
  • Green red yellow
  • Light blues - good vibes grey - because its a cool colour
  • Light blue because it is proven that it gives you a more happy mood
  • Purple - it’s the colour of all saints
  • Blue, green orange/yellow - sea/sunset colour

What I see from this is that these young people want to feel good they want to be happy. And if we delve deeper into this we can also see that they probably want to feel loved and happy with who they are. They want to know that someone loves them unconditionally. We all seek that. Something that is a balm to this need can be the colours we surround ourselves with.

Another thing that also helps us lift our mood is the music we listen to; I asked the young people what music they are listening to at the moment (top 3). It has been proven that the music we listen to affects our moods, minds and hearts. It feeds our souls and influences us in ways we don’t always fully understand. Let's all make an effort to take stock of what we are listening to and assess whether it’s doing us good or not?

Here’s what they said:

  • Billie Eilish, Selena Gomez, Arianna Grande
  • Steffany Gretzinger, Ed Sheeran, Kirk Franklin
  • Lewis Capaldi
  • Switch up, Kill shot, Newman
  • Billie Eilish, Daughter, Arianna Grande

As well as the music we listen to, creating spaces and environments that calm us, that is our sanctuary or castle can be immensely helpful in uplifting us and keeping our moods balanced. Also, since Royal Baby Archie was born we asked: if you were royalty, what would you name your castle/ palace and where would it be? The answer to this question also shows us peoples favourite places.

  • It would be in California because there are nice views and weather
  • Neverland [place not name]
  • Qingdom - on top of Buckingham Palace
  • Stoney Palace in the bottom of the faraway tree [ Enid Blyton ref]
  • The castle of Elohim in Crete GREECE

I love this question because it brings out peoples imaginations and creativity. Blooming the mind in a way or place that was not initially there. We can all dream and imagine. Even if we are adults. I think it is even more important to keep our imaginations alive as we get older. We weren’t created to be boring as we grow old.

My task and challenge to you this week is to be creative and imaginative in some way this week. This can be with anything, you can be creative with wood, material, books, art, food, baking, even in gardening, decorating the list is endless!

Imagine something.