As Christmas draws near, I wanted to know what the young people love most about Christmas. It’s a wonderful time of year and its especially nice to go back and listen to the Christmas music of old! For me, it is also about celebrating the birth of Jesus. Such a wonderful event! So what’s your favourite thing about Christmas? Here's what the young people said: 

  • Seeing the magic of Christmas through children’s eyes 
  • It’s comfortable and presents 
  • Presents 
  • The general atmosphere and essence of Christmas
  • Presents, decorations and Christmas songs   
  • My favourite thing about Christmas is going to see my family 

So much good happens during this time of year. The spirit of Christmas is not something just for December either it can be spread all year round! Another great thing about Christmas is that its a time when our imaginations are sparked and we dream and create wonderful things in our minds.  

This is partly what led me to ask what habitat or environment the young people would live in if they were a tree. I find that in our current time, there isn’t always that space for young people’s minds to be imaginative because our time can be filled up with so much! We never have to be bored! But that isn’t necessarily a good thing as this doesn’t allow any breathing space for our brain. Anyhow, back to trees, as you can see below, the answers are very interesting and can tell us little things about the people who wrote them: see what you find!: 

  • An oak tree in a field or big leafy green on a hillside in New Zealand 
  • Africa 
  • If i was a tree i would live in a forest 
  • A forest or by a river because it’s peaceful 
  • Round other trees so I’m not lonely  
  • I’d like to be a tree in a Buddhist zen garden because i would be looked after and no one would talk to me because they take a vow of silence. 
  • A quiet one 
  • A tree in a romantic film with star crossed lovers’ initials carved in the trunk 
  • Rainforest because it is peaceful and is very animal-friendly

As well as feeding our imagination, boredom can also give our minds time to wander and think about other things, philosophical things even such as what we believe about heaven or the afterlife. I was intrigued to discover how the young people would answer this question and I was not disappointed. Have a look:  

  • Nature [mountains fields etc] at its most beautiful, and surrounded by love and people 
  • What your dream is 
  • Clouds 
  • A place where you can fulfil your dream life [if you didn’t] and live it with anyone you want forever
  • Clouds with old family in a peaceful environment 
  • I would be reunited with my loved ones that i lost 
  • A place where you can right your wrongs 

I have learned over this past year or so that we have not need to be afraid to ask any and all questions [within reason]. It’s okay to go deep with young people because they want to talk about life and know more. Isn’t it better coming from those who love them or care about them rather than leaving it up to others to decide what influences them? 

My challenge for you over this holiday season is to start a conversation with a young person that is fun, open and safe. You can use any of the questions from my blogs and just have fun with it and see where it leads! 

If I don’t write before the new year,