Autumn. It is a time of colder weather, falling leaves and pumpkin-spiced food and drinks! As we most certainly move into this new season I was inspired to find out what the young people love about this season. Bringing their attention to it in a positive way so they can reflect on the good in each season. Here are their answers: 

  • Halloween 
  • Leaves changing colour 
  • It rains 
  • Leaves changing colour 
  • Conkers 
  • Halloween 
  • Its very fun when leaves fall 

Whether its the leaves, festivals or games of a previous time, there is always something we can find in each season that we like. Even if it is a simple as enjoying a cup of hot chocolate in the warmth, cosy and watching movies. It is something we enjoy and that is important. It is important to hold onto who we are and what we like and dislike, it makes up our humanity and if we let that slip away then we lose ourselves. 

Some of the great mediums of our time that help express this are books and films. Whether that be physical books or audio or even ebooks, they show us a new perspective. A different side of this constant weaving of all pour stories that interact with each other in small or significant ways. We all have a preference, for some of us it is the written words that speak to us most, for others, it is pictorial, for a few, it is both. Here is what the young people said: 

  • Books 
  • Both because they are great in different ways 
  • Films because i get to fall asleep 
  • film/audiobooks - easier to process 
  • Films, you can enjoy them with other people 
  • both! 
  • Films 

Personally, I love to see that these mediums continue to be popular with the ever-increasing technology around us, especially books. They are so powerful in reaching us, either fiction or non-fiction they lead us to compassion, understanding and wisdom. All valuable things that should be encouraged in our world that seems to be drawing further apart from one another. Something that our ancestors did not fight and sacrifice their lives for. 

The stories of people involved in the events of the past encourage us to truly understand the extremes humanity can be pushed, so that some of them may never be repeated. Another great way of expressing this is through music. It is so emotive and personal, yet so shareable with everyone! To be able to play an instrument is such a wonderful experience, yes the practice is difficult and challenging at times but is so rewarding when you get to share your music with other people. This inspired me to ask what instruments the young people would like to learn: 

  • I would love to learn to play the drums properly 
  • Drums because i am good at it 
  • Drums 
  • Piano or Spanish flamenco guitar!
  • Piano 
  • Guitar!
  • Piano-love the sound. But id also like the idea of a guitar - something you can carry  
  • A banana [flute banana] 
  • Keyboard

Whether it is something familiar, fun or new to us, we should never stop dreaming or allowing ourselves and those around us to be inspired to hear or learn or read something. Or to see the beauty in the world around us. We can all do this, even those we deem as completely unable to see or be good. There is good in all, we just have to be willing to find it!